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“I remember my grandmother saying to me, ‘Son, one thing you need to do in life, you need to get an education, because the white man is educated and you need to be able to operate on that same level, as the white man’. That stuck into me because in the Aboriginal culture one of the things I learnt was that education is a lifelong process. Those words of wisdom, focusing on getting an education, grabbing the opportunities and having a job, have probably been the biggest things that have helped me through life. Now, it’s time to give back. My mission is to help my community to get an education and mainly secure themselves a job.”

Paul Newman

Indigenous Director SCP


Being born in a small town of Condobolin, land of Wiradjuri people, with limited facilities, and often facing injustice and racism, the kid back then, Paul Newman, dreamt to become the best cricket player just like Viv Richards. When he was 12, he was named the captain of Australian Aboriginal Cricket Team. He was the best performer of his team, but he didn’t get to be selected in the Australian National Team just because he was black. This experience has probably crushed his dream of becoming a professional cricket player, but it has reinforced the drivers behind it- resilience, leadership, persistence and “never-give-up” attitude.

Paul has successfully graduated 26 years ago from the Western Sydney University with a Bachelor Degree in Business and ever since has been an active entrepreneur creating job opportunities for his community, advising NSW Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and even lecturing some of the classes of the Indigenous Australian Studies Major program, he helped to put together.

Historically, Aboriginal people were not present in the facilities areas being banned for their skin colour but also due to lack of experience, knowledge and accreditation. Demonstrating that Aboriginal people can do it and be the best in the area has been an incredible driver for Paul Newman. He started Southern Cross Pacific together with Sam Johnson who has been in the industry for years to create a unique Australian Aboriginal integrated facilities company. Paul Newman speaks their language, “Aboriginal Peoples” language, not only from a linguistics point of view but from a historical, cultural, and traditional perspective. “A white person will never speak our language, they will never fully understand us. There are plenty of People our there who are ready to be employed, trained and given an opportunity for a better life. We can recruit them, get them accreditation through pre-employment programs. The time to act is now.” (Paul Newman).

Brand Story

Seizing the opportunity to help Aboriginal Peoples and closing the gap, Southern Cross Pacific was founded in 2015 on principles of providing genuine career opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples while being a unique provider of quality integrated security, technologies, facilities, training and development services. Ever since successfully providing services to Broadspectrum, KPMG, Ward Civil and Woolworths.


Vision Statement


“To be an indigenous leading provider of integrated security, facilities, training, technology and development services for our diverse and valued customers while being an employer of choice for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander People”.